Painting Competition

Do you love painting?

This summer is the perfect chance for you to win $1,000 in cash by participating at the Changemaker Festival painting competition! Paint among other artist live and outdoors. The theme this year is SGD aligned. You can choose one out of the following themes: 1- Life on land 2- Life under water 3- Climate change All you have to do is submit your portfolio to:

Deadline to submit portfolio: May 25 2019

Competition FAQ

Who may enter?

This competition is open to all amateur and professional artists, free of charge.

What to draw?

The competition rewards the best artist capturing the Lebanon he/she dreams of.

What to win?

– Each artist is to bring his/her equipment, a 150cmx150cm canvas (or bigger), and a stand to the
– One submission is accepted per artist only. Each artist is to draw his/her own painting during the 2-day festival’s opening hours.
– Any drawing that explicitly displays or encourages criminal offense, law violations, or sexual obscenity will be automatically disqualified.
– Foul play of any kind will not be tolerated.
– The drawing’s property rights remain those of the artist throughout and after the competition; however, the artist grants Changemaker the right to use and display the submitted drawing in all its communication material.
– Copyright remains for the artist at all times. A tag credit line will be added to each reproduced drawing by Changemaker.
– The Changemaker reserves full rights to revoke, withdraw or disqualify artists from the competition.