$100K Pop-up
Startup Competition

$100K Pop-up
Startup Competition

Come pitch at the Changemaker Festival for a chance to win $30,000k in seed-funding and $10,000 in AWS credits!

Be the change you want to see! Present your game-changing startup at the $100,000 Pop Up Pitch. Each of the 6 finalists presenting will receive $10,000 in AWS credits while the winner will also receive $30,000 in seed-funding!

Step 1: Register for the Changemaker Festival

Step 2: Upload your application via the link below

Please note that we’ll be announcing the finalists on the spot during the event so make sure you show up on time ready to pitch! There’s also a crowd component built into the judging criteria so make sure you wow the crows and invite
your friends and family! Finalist picks will be transferred to the runner ups in case of no-shows. Pitches will be 4 mins long and followed by 3 mins Q&A in front of a panel of 4 to 6 expert judges.

Main Stage
Changemaker Festival

Please refer to the map on the homepage

October 5th

At District //S, Downtown Beirut

12:30 - 1:30 PM

Pitches will be 4mins long and followed by 4mins Q&A

Qualification guidelines:

1- Team consists of 2 or more people
2- The startup idea must have an innovative aspect to it
3- The startup must be solving a social problem
4- The startup has to be scalable & able to step into
larger markets
5- The slides in your pitch deck should cover the following:
– Problem/Opportunity
– Value Proposition
– Technology Used
– Business Model
– Go-To-Market Plan
– Competitive Analysis
– Financial Projections
– Accomplishments-Team

Judging Criteria:

The winning startup should:
• Create social impact
• Compete globally
• Disrupt their market
• Have an amazing team
• Wow the Crowd!

Crowd Element:
The crowd will have a say in who will win the $30,000 prize at the competition. So we advise our competitors to invite their friends to attend the event in order to give them a push when choosing the winner.

2018 participants:



Buildits: Bildits is a construction educational toy that allows kids to build their own house with their own hands while going through an authentic process and using real miniature construction tools and material!



Cherpa: Cherpa is a gamified e-learning platform that offers courses to youth equipping them with skills needed for future jobs.




FabricAID: FabricAID offers underprivileged communities decent clothing at affordable prices while helping Lebanon reach zero fabric-waste by optimizing second-hand clothes collection, sorting, and distribution.




Find a Nurse: Find A Nurse improves families’ access to quality home care services through an online matchmaking platform that displays caregivers’ biographies. 




Kill my Routine: Kill My Routine is the first online platform that provides local adventures globally starting in Lebanon.



Spike: Spike is a mobile assistant that helps diabetics better manage their
diabetes by providing situation based insulin reminders and suggestions. 

2019 Judges:

Jeroen Harteveld

MASSIF Fund Manager of FMO

Tara Nehme

Founder of TMB

Charles Arbid

President of Economic and Social Council of Lebanon

Asmahan Zein

President Lebanese League for Women in Business

Mohamed Morsy

Egypt Head of Finance in Motion

Adel Afiouni

Minister State of Investment and Technology