Photography Competition

Shoot and compete!

At the Changemaker Festival 2018 this September, get the chance to win $5,000 in cash through competing in the SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION.

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Competition FAQ

How to participate?

1. Register for our event ticket
2. Submit the best photograph you have taken by uploading it to Instagram, tagging @changemakerlb and including the following hashtag #changemakerphotographer and mentioning the SDG your photo addresses in your caption.
Submissions should raise awareness on one of the five selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
3. Attend our event where we announce the Top 10 finalists and pick the $5,000 winner!

Terms and Conditions

* One submission is accepted per photographer only.
* Media release form is requested for each and every recognizable person captured in the photo. F
or minors, parental consent is to be sought as well.
* Any photo that explicitly displays or encourages criminal offense, law violations, or sexual obscenity is ineligible to enter the competition.
* Any photo that infringes the intellectual property rights; copyrights, trademarks, or contract rights is ineligible to enter the competition.
* Any photo that harms any human or animal is ineligible to enter the competition.
* The photograph’s property rights remain those of the photographer throughout and after the competition; however, the photographer grants Changemaker the right to use and display the submitted photo in all its communication material.
* Copyright remains for the photographer at all times. A tag credit line will be added to each reproduced photograph by Changemaker. For this, watermarks on pictures will not be accepted.
* The Changemaker reserves full rights to revoke, withdraw or disqualify photos from the competition.
* The Changemaker assumes no responsibility for any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information submitted by photographer.
* All participants must be present during the Changemaker Festival on the 8th of September where results will be announced.

Instagram Submission Requirements

1. The caption must include the photographer’s name and a brief photograph description
2. The caption must state the chosen SDG
3. The caption must include #ChangemakerPhotographer hashtag
4. The photo must tag @changemakerlb
5. The photo has to be at least 6 MB in size or 150 DPI in resolution